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EAC undertakes all nature of earthwork and roadbuilding projects, large and small.



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Emil Anderson Construction (EAC) Inc. was founded by Mr. Emil Anderson in the mid 1930s and was initially located in Fort William, Ontario. In

1942, the Company participated in the construction of the Alaska Highway. After being awarded the contract for 33 miles of the Hope-Princeton Highway in 1945, the Company relocated their operations to Hope, British Columbia. From this base, the Company expanded geographically to Saskatchewan in the east and California in the south.


Today, operations include road construction, paving, site development, land development and housing. Emil Anderson Maintenance (EAM) provides highway and bridge maintenance services and is an important component of the overall operations. The Company has offices and shops in Hope, Kelowna and Cranbrook; strategically located within three regions of the Province of British Columbia.


Safety in the workplace is the paramount goal of EAC, and the Company employs a full-time Loss Control Officer who regularly visits all the operating worksites and maintains industry currency by participating on a number of boards and committees relating to safe work practices. EAC is COR-certified and we consistently receive high scores on safety audits. Our slogan is “Let’s Have a Safe Job” - we live up to it.


EAC Hounoured by VANOC (2008)


"From the moment four-time Olympian, Pierre Lueders, took the inaugural run, christening the Whistler Sliding Centre, on December 19, 2007, many workers in Hope B.C. also took pride in the moment.


Last Monday, their pride was rekindled by the executive vice president of VANOC, Dan Doyle, in the presentation of two sports action framed photos highlighting not only the bob sledding facility but also the ski jump – both 2010 Winter Olympics facilities were constructed by Emil Anderson Construction, of Hope, assisted by Hope Machine Shop." - The Hope Standard Thursday, May 29, 2008


:: Read the full article here


Overpass 'Project of the Year' (2004)


"The Vedder Interchange overpass is only a few months old and already it’s been honoured with an award.


At annual conference in Nelson in mid-September, the Public Works Association of British Columbia picked the new overpass as its Project of the Year.


On Monday night at council, the city’s director of engineering and operations, Garry Wickham, presented the award recognizing the effort to the mayor." - Chilliwack Times Friday, October 1, 2004


:: Read the full article here



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