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"EAC continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental management at all stages of construction. They have proven to be proactive, resourceful, and cooperative."


-Ed Van Osch, President VOI Environmental


EAC is extremely conscious of the necessity to preserve the environment in its natural state and protect it from the effects of harmful substances. From supervisors to operators, procedures are in place to ensure that all work meets or exceeds the applicable standards for sediment management and spill control. Through the conscientious development and execution of Sediment Control Plans, EAC is able to work successfully in highly regulated and monitored situations.


Extensive work on the Vancouver Island Highway Project has exposed EAC to countless sensitive watercourses and animal habitat. The company has also completed numerous pipeline crossings of the Coquihalla River and other instream work - without incident.


Kincolith Sedge Platform
Ross Property Reclamation
School House Diversion

:: Kincolith Sedge Platform


The environmental challenges of the Kincolith Extension Project were immense. Set in prime grizzly bear and salmon habitat, the project had very restrictive environmental constraints. These ranged from 'windows' for work to be completed to habitat construction and compensation.


A major compensation item was the construction of a lignum sedge platform. A large earthen platform was placed in the Nass River and armoured with large rock. Sedge grass was harvested from various locations along the project using specialty equipment and barged to the transplant site. The grass was transplanted and interspersed with river substrates and natural rock to create a thriving new habitat. Up


:: Sedge Platform to Protect the Environment
:: Ross Property Reclamation

Emil Anderson Construction completed the Garcia Lake to Courtney Lake project in July 2007. This project involved grading, gravelling and paving 8.5 km of highway 97C; expanding to four lanes the remaining two-lane portion of the Okanagan Connector.

The Ministry of Transportation listed an available gravel source at Homestead Pit, approximately 22 km from the jobsite. In order to shorten the haul distance from the government pit, EAC made an agreement with local landowners to develop a gravel pit, extract material and then reclaim their property to a condition suitable for horses.

The mining operation and reclamation work provided the Rosses with flatter, more usable fields, better vegetation and revenue from the gravel sales. EAC received a Citation from the Ministry of Energy and Mines for Outstanding Reclamation Achievement. Up


:: School House Diversion

The School House Diversion on the Coquilhalla River was the first major river diversion undertaken by the Ministry of Transportation. This award-winning project was recognized by the Association of Professional Engineers of BC and was successfully constructed in a major steelhead trout river.


The work involved realigning the river for a 700-metre length. The new channel was 'complexed' with boulders and the banks armoured resulting in significantly improved habitat.


The Manager of the Environmental Services of the Ministry of Transportation has stated that highway grading projects have benefited enormously from the new environmental procedures as demonstrated by Emil Anderson Construction (EAC) Inc. Up


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