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Highway Construction has been one of the strengths of the organization since the Company’s origin


From such projects as the Hope-Princeton Highway in the 1940's through to the Nisga'a Highway in 2003, EAC has risen to the construction challenges of British Columbia. The Company has a reputation for undertaking difficult rockwork and generally completes all phases of major construction projects using in-house labour, equipment, and supervision. EAC is regularly approached by owners and consultants to provide technical expertise and constructability reviews. EAC is known for delivering quality projects on time and on budget.


Lava Lake Upgrade
Granta Ranch to Okanagan Lake Park
Millstream Connector

:: Lava Lake Upgrade


The Lava Lake Upgrade is another project on the Nisga'a Highway. The work included 400,000 m3 of earth and rock excavation over 11.5 km total length. There were also a number of large fish culverts. The previous road was a single lane in some locations, squeezed between Lava Lake and 40 meter high sheer rock faces. The access to the top of these cuts proved difficult and required thorough planning and careful execution.

A huge challenge on this project was the accommodation of traffic during each day. EAC completed the bulk excavation operating under road closures at night. The high, narrow cuts and narrow existing road resulted in very little storage room for muck or debris. Through careful supervision and a concerted effort by all the workers, EAC managed to have the road open each morning for traffic to flow unimpeded.

A large component of the labour agreement for the Lava Lake Upgrade involved opportunities and training for local First Nations people. EAC was able to hire and train a number of newcomers to the construction industry and prepare them for future employment. Up


:: Greata Ranch to Okanagan Lake Park

This project on Highway 97 between Summerland and Kelowna consisted of four-laning 7.8 km of the existing two-lane road. As this is part of the busy Okanagan corridor, daily traffic volume of several thousand vehicles had to be kept moving through the site with minimal interruptions.


There was a very challenging 45m high rock cut directly adjacent to the active highway. By building a small detour and using some innovative containment techniques, EAC was able to complete the excavation without incident. The project was completed on time and on budget. Up


:: Millstream Connector

This 4.6 km grading and paving project was constructed through a corridor that had been reserved for decades near Victoria. There was extensive development along both sides of the corridor and as a result, the project required extensive consultation with nearby stakeholders.


The project included substantial electrical installations, curb and gutter and traffic islands. There was a total of 560,000 m3 of earth and rock excavation hauled through this urban area. A large peat bog was excavated and backfilled with rock hauled from a borrow site. The rock blasting at the borrow site was conducted as close as 3 m from operating commercial structures. Up


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