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The major railways have undergone an extensive program of expanding their spur lines and upgrading and realigning their mainline tracks. EAC was a general contractor for many of these major projects.


Both the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and Canadian National Railway (CNR) call upon the expertise of Emil Anderson Construction to assist in dealing with derailments, flood control and repair and rock slope maintenance.


EAC currently has an ongoing contract with the CPR to provide maintenance and emergency wreck services throughout British Columbia.


Shaughnessey Tunnel

:: Shaughnessy Tunnel


In the summer of 2002, the CPR experienced some spalling of the back and walls of the Shaughnessy tunnel in the Rogers Pass. This is a vital link for the railway to have in operation as it minimizes some very steep grade and eliminates the need for pusher engines.

EAC was called upon to line the tunnel with cast-in-place concrete and shotcrete. Working around the clock and in conjunction with track closures, crews were able to employ innovative forming and placing techniques to complete this urgent work.

Relying on our in-house expertise for concrete work, rock bolting, and project management, EAC was able to quickly mobilize and stabilize the tunnel. Up


:: Rock Scaling and Slope Stabilization

EAC has an ongoing contract to provide CPR Rail with rock scaling and stabilization services. Our experienced crews are called upon to perform tasks ranging from scaling, bolting and shotcreting to rock blasting.


We maintain a fleet of hi-rail equipped equipment that allows us to take on all stabilization projects with rail access only. EAC crews also perform stabilization work along many of the highways in the province. Up



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