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Site and Venue Development


In 2007, EAC completed two very extraordinary venues for the 2010 Games – the Whistler Sliding Centre Site Works and Track Construction; and the South Site Works and Ski Jump at the Nordic Competition Venue. Constructing the bobsled track and ski jump presented very technical challenges that the EAC Team conquered. The venues were completed on time and on budget. The Track Construction Project won the 2008 Century Award and Public Works Award from the Concrete Construction Association.


EAC has also completed industrial site developments. Extensive site work was completed at Port Mellon, Prince Rupert terminal and part of the Kemano Completion Project.


Whistler Sliding Centre
Nordic Competition Venue
Port Mellon Millsite Expansion

:: Whistler Sliding Centre


In 2005, EAC was contracted by VANOC to construct the site roadworks and utilities installation for the Whistler Sliding Centre Venue, part of the 2010 Games. The initial project included rock excavation for the access roads, construction of many large retaining walls and installation of large quantities of drainage piping, storm sewer and water lines. EAC enjoyed a cooperative relationship with VANOC and many site challenges were overcome jointly. This strong relationship led EAC to pursue the contract to construct the bobsled/luge track itself.

Building a bobsled track is extremely complex and requires very strong management and coordination skills. EAC very successfully combined the work of our subcontractors and EAC forces on an extremely congested site. Other general contractors on the site were treated cooperatively and EAC provided assistance many times to keep the overall project moving along. Up


:: Nordic Competition Venue

Emil Anderson Construction began the South Site Works at the Nordic Competition Venue (NCV) for the 2010 Winter Olympics in 2006. The initial contract included site grading, utility installation, roadworks and landing hill excavation. The rock excavation for the landing hill required careful drilling and blasting in order to produce a parabolic landing slope. The installation of the landing hill stairs and guardrail were completed through extensive winching of equipment and materials along the steep slope.

In 2007, EAC began the Ski Jump Structure at the NCV. This contract included the installation of the steel jump structure, completion of the judges’ tower building and installation of a snow-making and refrigeration system. The fast-paced construction schedule enabled the venue to hold its first ski jump competition in January 2008. Up


:: Port Mellon Millsite Expansion

EAC was the prime contractor for all of the site excavation, road building, and underground services for this large mill expansion project.


The work was performed over a twenty-eight month period and was accomplished while the existing mill was in full production.


The project involved in excess of 1,000,000 m3 of solid rock and earth excavation in very close proximity to the existing mill and was completed without any major disruptions to the mill operations and without any damages to the original plant.


The solid rock blasting operations were closely monitored and designed to limit ground vibration and fly rock.


The value of the work performed by EAC on this project was in excess of $23,000,000. Up


:: Pulp and Paper Mill Expansion Project

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