Drill & Blast

Over the past several decades, EAC has grown to become one of BC’s leading drilling, blasting, rock scaling, and stabilization contractors.

We are fortunate to have many skilled and qualified drillers and blasters on the team, certified through WorkSafeBC for all types of blasting requirements. Throughout the years, EAC has safely conducted drilling and blasting successfully in some of the most challenging areas of BC, including major highways, active mainline railways, active hydro plants and dams. Our team brings their expertise to every project, ensuring that each job is handled correctly and with care, especially in areas with sensitive ecosystems and those in close proximity to residential communities.

EAC owns a diverse fleet of drilling equipment for general highway construction, from track hydraulic drills to excavator mounted drills for difficult pioneering work. In addition to our in-house drillers and blasters, EAC also employs in-house high scalers and rock bolting/meshing crews as part of our project teams.