Emil Anderson Construction (EAC) Inc. is a multi-disciplined General Contractor with diverse capabilities including road building, aggregate production, underground utilities, drilling and blasting rock, asphalt paving, bridge building, concrete construction, dam construction, industrial construction and land development. Being a fully integrated contractor with the ability to self-perform most or all aspects of a project is one of our key strengths. This streamlined approach provides cost effective solutions and efficient project management. EAC also owns and operates a well-maintained and significant equipment fleet that is capable of undertaking major earthmoving projects and all other activities outlined above.

EAC employs a highly motivated management, supervisory, and support team. Our personnel focus on solutions and have enhanced our reputation for innovation and stakeholder collaboration. The EAC management team has the experience and ability to successfully complete all manner of roadbuilding and heavy civil construction projects. We focus on site safety, product quality and deliver projects on time and on budget. We operate in all areas of the province in both urban and remote locations. To learn more please explore the below links.

Feature projects and services are outlined below.


The CAT5 Alliance project between Emil Anderson Construction, Kiewit, and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure was a large-scale project along Highway 5 replacing the permanent bridges that were damaged during the November 2021 storm events. The overall project involved the design and construction of 8 bridges, including 2 temporary structures and 6 permanent bridges. Work was completed 12 months a year in extremely challenging conditions in order to meet the demanding schedule. Current completion of the permanent 4-lanes was completed in December 2023. Juliet Bridge, located 52km South of Merritt, was completed in December of 2022 and was the first of the permanent structures opened on the project. EAC, Kiewit, and Basis Engineering worked collaboratively in order to complete the bridge in extremely challenging conditions and with short timelines. Construction of the bridge started in July 2022 and was fully open to the travelling public by December 2022, including concrete deck pours in early December in very challenging conditions.

BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION | Vedder Bridge Replacement

Emil Anderson Construction (EAC), along with Klohn Crippen Berger (Structural Design) and Urban Systems Ltd (Geometric Design) undertook the $11.4 million Design Build Project in 2016-2017 for the City of Chilliwack. The construction involved the replacement of the existing Vedder Bridge with a new structural steel tied arch structure, providing increased flood clearance, increased lane widths, and new multi-use pathways. In addition to the bridge structure, the project scope also includes realignment of the approaching roads, relocation of existing utilities, and construction of a new single lane roundabout. EAC was one of three teams shortlisted to participate in the RFP out of a total of ten expressions of interest submitted. Of the three teams that submitted responses to the RFP, EAC’s technical proposal received top technical points and was significantly below the City of Chilliwack’s budget. Two key components and highlights of the project include: • The design of the new alignment to enable the majority of construction offline to existing traffic, minimizing traffic disruption on an already congested roadway. • Assembling the new bridge on land, and launching the bridge into place, minimizing environmental impacts, reducing safety risks, improving quality, and expediting the project schedule.

DAM CONSTRUCTION | John Hart Generating Station

The AECON / SNC Joint Venture (ASL JV) sole source hired the Emil Anderson Construction (EAC) to undertake the challenging rock excavations associated with the intake and tailrace components of the Jon Hart Dam construction. EAC worked closely with the general contractor to provide value and product quality to satisfy the client requirements and stipulations. The EAC work included drilling and control blasting, excavation, tunneling and rock stabilization.


EAC was awarded the $23.4 million dollar contract for the construction and paving of 3.7 km of new 4-lane highway in Chase, British Columbia. The work included clearing, grubbing, organic stripping, approximately 378,000 m3 of common excavation and 400,000 m3 of rock excavation, drainage installations, aggregate production, grading and asphalt paving. In addition to these major items, the project included several large earth retaining walls. At the onset of the project EAC, with the assistance and expertise of Klohn Crippen Berger, re-designed retaining walls and rock excavations slopes in order to reduce the construction time schedule and overall project costs. All of these activities, including drilling and control blasting of rock were successfully completed directly adjacent to the Trans-Canada Highway and the main line Canadian Pacific Railway track. The project was completed in cooperation with, and with support from the Neskonlith Indian Band. EAC was presented with the 2017 Deputy Minister's Contractor of the Year Award for Grading Excellence for the Hoffman's Bluff project.


Emil Anderson Construction crews completed the Sunday Summit to Sunday Creek Highway Improvements Project in 2017. The project included the widening and realignment of 5 km of Highway 3, for the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure, to improve safety for all motorists traveling through this picturesque part of BC. The project is located approximately 30 km west of Princeton. Major activities included clearing, grubbing, common excavation, rock excavation, drainage installations, aggregate production, grading and paving.


The Emil Anderson Construction (EAC) Highway Paving Team has been providing asphalt paving services since 1967. Our clients include the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), Parks Canada as well as private clients. We have a knowledgeable, motivated and quality focused paving crew that utilizes very good equipment to produce a superior end product. We work throughout British Columbia and South Western Alberta.


The Emil Anderson Construction (EAC) Kelowna Paving and Aggregate Sales operation has serviced the greater Kelowna area for more than 40 years. Our operation, located in West Kelowna (off Bartley Road), produces high quality products for roadway construction, site construction, and residential and commercial developments.  


EAC and Dilworth Quality Homes are working together to produce lots and homes on the Tower Ranch Residential development.  The development is centrally located and minutes from downtown Kelowna and the Kelowna International Airport.  EAC provides all activities associated with the development of roadways, site servicing and paving while Dilworth Homes constructs single family and multifamily homes.  EAC has several developments underway in the greater Kelowna area as well as Armstrong. For more information please visit www.dilworthhomes.com .


EAC has been performing rock slope scaling and stabilization services for more than 40 years. The EAC crew works with many clients, including CPR, CNR, BC Hydro, MoTI and Municipalities to overcome significant slope safety and stabilization challenges. Our capabilities include rock scaling, rock bolting, installation of rock catchment and containment systems, rock mesh installation and shotcrete.

SITE CONSTRUCTION | Ridley Rail Utility Corridor

Emil Anderson Construction, JJM Construction and the Coast Tsimshian First Nation formed a Joint Venture (JV) Team to construct a road, rail and utility corridor on Ridley Island for the Port of Prince Rupert. The EAC portion of the work included drilling, blasting and placing 1,080,000 m3 of rock, construction of 30,000 m3 of riprap ocean foreshore, aggregate production and placing of sub-ballast railway and road base materials. Much of the drilling and control blasting was done directly adjacent to the active Ridley Island Coal Port facility.

SITE & VENUE CONSTRUCTION | Whistler Sliding Centre

In 2008, EAC completed the Whistler Sliding Centre Site Works and Track Construction for the Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC) of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The overall value of work completed by EAC on this site was $55.3 million. Constructing the bobsled track presented difficult technical challenges that the EAC Team conquered. The scope included drainage installation, rock and earth excavation, concrete bridge and overpass construction, construction of the bobsled track as well as design and installation of the track shading system. The bobsled track construction required a detail-oriented project management team to oversee the extensive coordination and strict adherence to the Quality Management Plan. VANOC significantly benefited from ongoing Value Engineering provided by EAC. By incorporating our ideas for revised track shading and different retaining wall systems, VANOC was able to develop excellent facilities at the most competitive price possible. The venue was completed on time and on budget. The Track Construction Project won the 2008 Century Award and Public Works Award from the Concrete Construction Association.