Core Values

♦ Safety is first – We will focus on eliminating and mitigating hazards and ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

♦ Leadership through integrity, trust and respect – We are a family owned and people focused company. We strive to develop the best leaders in our industry. We will be reliable, professional, respectful, and conduct ourselves with integrity.

♦ Excellence through innovation, planning and execution of a quality product – We will look for the best solutions, plan the work accordingly and execute the plan. The quality of our work matters. We will do it right the first time!

♦ Results through empowerment and committed resolve – We are a results based company that empowers leaders, creates accountability and is committed to success. We will work hard, make good decisions, and prosper.

♦ Improvement through learning – We provide a learning culture that encourages ideas, analyzes performance and fosters advancement. We will support our employees and never stop improving.